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a wounded heart
All But Blind

          There is a searing in my heart;
          A pain too deep to hide.
          The love that you have taken, 
          Has left me all but blind.
          I can no longer hear your voice.
          Silence has taken hold.
          I can no longer feel your touch. 
          I've been left in the cold.
          The smell of your body,
          Is only a memory.
          The taste of your lips,
          Is missing from me.
          But you have let me see,
          The space where you used to stand.
          In all your cruelty,
          You made me stare at an empty hand.
          You let me see your smile,
          And the sparkle in your eyes.
          You laugh at my tears,
          As you kiss her that I despise.
          You've taken the love from me,
          And filled my heart with rage.
          Yet the visions that you give me,
          Are my vicious cage.
          You've ripped away my senses,
          And the memories of the past.
          Left me with painful pictures,
          That will forever last.
          If you took away my sight,
          I could bear this solitude.
          But forcing me to look,
          Destroys my every mood.
          Even when I close my eyes,
          The pictures creep inside.
          No matter where I run,
          They find me where I hide.
          The sense you left me with,
          Sears my body with its taunt.
          The visions in my mind,
          In sleep do me haunt.
          And when I am awake,
          Before my eyes you are.
          I'd destroy my eyes,
          If it would keep these visions far.
          So you have damned me,
          With this sight I must endure.
          With which from your cruelty,
          I can find no cure.
          The heart which beats inside, 
          Of this body which I own,
          If it could speak,
          Would only release a moan.
          It is sickened by the thoughts,
          Of seeing you unkind.
          And knowing that you know,
          You have left me all but blind.

By Shelly Claman 

Love is...

          Love is a dagger plunged deep
                                within my heart
             It sears my body
                   I can feel the flesh    tear
          Love is a pain concealed deep 
                                within my heart
             A tear runs down my cheek
                   Just like the blood     runs
                                down my skin
          Love is a ...

By Shelly Claman


I gave myself to you
You know I thought it was real

I guess I didn't realize 
That you're too cold to feel

Your heart didn't belong to me
You've given it many a time

When you made me cry
It should have been a crime

But don't think you got away
I will get my revenge

Because you didn't care
My pain I must avenge
By Shelly Claman