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transitions (the times in life when the horizon isn't so distant)
Parting With Dawn

The moments pass so quickly
My time here will soon be gone
The next part of my life
Will begin with the morning's dawn

I could bask in non-reality
And say it'll be much longer
But by facing the truth
I know I'll become stronger

My path splits from yours now
We'll go our different ways
But it is just a detour
Our lives caught in the haze

The time we spend apart
Will make the rest more grand
For each time our paths pass
I'll be holding out my hand

And although the sun's on the horizon
We have time after it's rise
Because though we'll be seperated
We'll never say our goodbyes

So as the colors paint the sky 
And our paths begin to part
Remember I'm always close
And you're always in my heart
By Shelly Claman Dedicated to Dawn Williams and Camille Hamilton
The Path Less Often Taken

          The path less often taken
          Will lead you to the truth
          For all those who are mistaken
          Take the other route
          This path leads you though trials
          And many painful times
          It lasts for many miles
          But it's lead by The Divine
          And when you traverse the soil
          You are never left alone
          Through the suffering and the toil
          His presence will be known
          You may stumble through 
          And want to turn around
          But if you only knew
          What lay beyond that mound
          The end may not be near
          But you will never know
          If you just keep going
          Trusting and believing
          He will soon be showing
          That he is not leaving
          When you come to a space
          Where the road begins to split
          Realize you'll get no place
          If you give up and just sit
          So when the trail you find
          Has a fork in it
          Leave the crowd behind
          Because your path is eternally lit.

By Shelly Claman 

The Path You Choose

          If the path you choose
          Seems dark and obscure,
          Follow it anyway
          In your dreams be sure.
          In your beliefs 
          Stay forever strong;
          And continue going
          When the road seems too long.
          If along the trail
          You find yourself alone,
          Don't turn back
          If the road is unknown.
          You've almost reached
          Your life long goal.
          And with time and effort
          You will enrich your soul.

By Shelly Claman