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solitude (explorations of this state of mind)

Inside I scream
Yet no one hears me
I sit alone
Yet no one sees me
I'm reaching out
Yet no one feels me
I try to explain
Yet no one understands me
By Shelly Claman
In the Crowd

          She feels engulfed in darkness
          No friendly face around
          Her life an endless battle
          To find meaning in their sounds
          Voices surround her
          Those of her so-called "friends"
          But no one really knows her
          No one on whom she depends
          Her image is a facade
          A child trapped inside
          Afraid to let them in
          In the corner, head down, she hides
          They think her life is perfect
          That she floats on the clouds
          But what they never imagined
          Is she feels alone standing in a crowd

By Shelly Claman