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Other   Poems

We all wear a mask. This page is a place for people to shed them. It's purpose is to express the thoughts, dreams, desires and emotions of the souls of the poets whose work is displayed here.

This is a forum for the poetry I have received or come across. I want to thank all those who have opened themselves up and shared their poetry here. If you have any submissions for this page, please contact me.

Through The Eyes Of A Child

To you who've hurt me And shamed my name To you who've loved me Just the same I feel the pain And love the care To all who said they would be But was never there To a world of inspiration Whether torture and pain Or love and care I've seen torture Felt some pain Love the sight of liberty And care for life It's all black or white This is the world Through the eyes of a child
By Poetry2


solitude, land of evening, declines and departs. the abyss of solitude's absence is its advent, its arrival. solitude's claim to presence is not a form or outer appearance but a persistence, an insistence-on. solitude is a realm, a domain that shelters, secures, conceals. solitude is self-revealing and self-concealing. Picasso remarked he had made himself an "unsuspected solitude". its continuance is not tied to usage, need, or custom. to brook solitude is to think. solitude is for thinking, not singing. solitude is expressly to collect unique disclosure along the lines of Being, of Appropriation. the dawn of solitude comes to pass in events of order/disorder, of jointure/disjunction. solitude joins but never conjoins. its expanse is calls and gestures, belongings,hearings, attunements, something spoken,conversation. a historiography of solitude is absurd except in relation to destiny, destining, Fate. solitude is an aspect of the destining of Being. the ground of solitude is a brilliant abyss in which what lingers for a while can stay for the time being or emerge much later. it is not for protection. its gathering is the one that clears and shelters. one's standard of solitude is one's proximity to it, one's place in it. for those whose abode is solitude, it is a riddle and enigma, an enigmatic keyword, a right, a justice, a wrong, an injustice. it is reckless and considerate. to dispatch oneself toward solitude is never fitting. there are no vocational skills to acquire in solitude. solitude, the fateful itself, is a dispensation to beings to be Being. solitude is the Same in beings, language, sayings. to translate solitude is to cross over, to go down, to set the never-setting of unconcealment/concealment. solitude is the surmounting of the oblivion of Being, the perception of something at hand which appears to be not representational thought but Being coming to the fore, coming into view. to preserve solitude is to hold sway, reign, rule, dominate. solitude occurs essentially in a belonging together, an apportionment or allotment, of Being and beings, in the unfolding of this twofold.
By John Metzger


Tears fill her eyes as she slowly starts to speak. "Please don't think different", she asks as she begins "I've done something I regret…. I wish this hurt would end." "Looking back I know it was wrong. If only one thing I could change…. This would be the one. My life's story, rearranged" "I tell you this but don't know why, Please don't tell….no one knows…. Not even I." Now that I've told you. You'll think different I expect. This is my life's story…. This is my life's regret."
By Jeremy Barton


Her picture in my mind. Eyes... A window to the soul. Fingertips from heaven, with hands too far to hold. Laughter of a child, with innocence the same. Beauty of a flower... harnessed... tame. Fear beneath her eyes. Skin bare beneath lace. Body lies before me...... Inches from my face.....
By Jeremy Barton


Have you ever heard a sunrise? Have you ever touched the moon? Have you ever smelled the snow--- in the middle of June? Have you ever tasted life? Have you ever wanted to die? Have you ever been so sad that you couldn't even cry? You must listen to hear a sunrise, you must reach to touch the moon. For if you do not death will find you soon. Cherish every second of life and never wish for death. Or your heart will be crying until your dying breath. These are my lessons all tried, tested and true. I give you this from my heart because I care about you... By Scott Robart


The road lies before me my path left untold Darkness Spreads beneath me My mind uncontrolled My heart ever pounding my blood coursing through A bell lonely sounding My courage remains true A step slowly taken the silence fully shattered The earth solely shaken the dust cruelly scattered my mind caught dreaming The silence ever-screaming I am alone By Kaylie O'Neil

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