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On The Edge
(the only way to live)

          She stands atop a cliff                     
                    waves crash below
          Rocks engulfed in their depths

          Blood pounding in her veins
                    heart full of fear
          She looks down at the sea
          She's on the brink of freedom
                    one step away
          Dangling one foot over the edge
          Adrenaline pumping through her 
                    the rush takes over
          There is not better view than...
          Standing atop a cliff
                    she takes the step  
          Is there any other way to live?

By Shelly Claman          

Well, I may not have jumped off a cliff (although I do want to cliff dive), but standing on the edge is my life's philosophy. There are many opportunities life has to offer. I just try to take advantage of as many of these experiences and adventures as I can.

I admit it willingly, I'm addicted to adrenaline. I love the rush. It captivates me, engulfs me, and leaves me wanting more. The slight fear that takes over when we stand on the edge does not stop me. It motivates me to take it one step farther; to push a little harder.

So you ask, "What do I consider living on the edge?" Not letting your fear stop you; taking advantage of all the experiences that you can grasp. Along the side of this page is a list of (and some links to) a few of the activities I enjoy or plan on pursuing in the near future.

I leave you with one final question, "Why should you exist, if you're not going to LIVE?"