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moving on
Withering Rose

Water won't help A withering rose. By then it's too late It needs it as it grows. Love is the same It can't be denied. Did you expect it to last When you never tried? You can't revive a fire Once all the embers die. A flame needs to be present For it to burn against the sky. A relationship needs attraction For it to ignite. But it needs love To burn throughout the fight. A dove won't settle The out break of war. To arrive at peace There needs to be more. Saying "I'm sorry" Won't win back my heart. It takes more than words To get a new start. The rose has withered. The embers didn't last. The war has started. Our love has passed.
By Shelly Claman

Time Passes

          heart beats flicker
          thoughts swarm the Mind

          your lips do not part
          it echoes in the dark

          Time passes...

          lust, passion
          desire total fulfillment


          hatred, pain
          blood pours from the heart

          The light flickers...

          ice suspended in air
          emptiness intrudes

          heart beats slow
          life ceases

          Time passes...
          The light goes out 

By Shelly Claman