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Who Am I?

I have asked myself that question over and over again. There are many ways I could define myself, yet none would be complete. I am expression. I am silence. I am femininity. I am life. I am death not yet come. I am spirit, body, and mind. I am both searching and found. I am the question and the answer. I am movement and stillness at once. I am an endless contradiction. I am creativity and that which is created in the process. And while over the years I have discovered much of who I am, I am still following the journey of life and searching myself to discover the answer to that question. That is part of life's process. However, I will let you in on a few basic facts...

Well, my name is Shelly and I am a 24 year old working in media and advertising. I graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) with a degree in English literature. Writing is my passion. It is the one thing that lets me explore all the inner recesses of myself---it is my Soul's Expression.

Some other little tid bits...

I am a Gemini (Sun sign) and a Snake (Chinese astrology sign) (for any of you who know ANYTHING about astrology or chinese astrology that'll help you understand me....maybe hee hee).

I love to me is an endless search for things to be experienced.

I am ALWAYS curious. That's one thing that anyone who knows me will say. (They'll probably say I'm confusing too!) I consider everything in life as another way to explore who I am. From studying psychology and philosophy, to sitting on a mountain-side meditating and contemplating, I am always searching for may ways to see myself differently; to cast light on all that hides in the shadows.

As I have said, life is to be lived each moment. It is to be reflected upon. It is experiencing, learning, and interacting. This is my forum for expressing all those things that are a part of who I am...

Over the past few years since I have put up this page, many people have come in to my life and shaped the person that I am. Each one has been there for major decisions, wiped away my tears, seen my smiles, and left a eternal impression on my heart. It is to these people that I owe all I have learned about myself. I have learned what makes me happy, and who in my life is important. There have been many changes in the way I choose to live my life and in the way I see myself. They have given me the ability to see and accept different parts of myself. Each piece that I've recieved has been a gift from those that I love. It is through them that I have discovered, and continue to uncover my soul.

If you haven't noticed yet, one of the focuses of my life is discovering and nurturing my soul--the part of me you don't see on the surface. So if you want to see any further into the pieces I have found, here is where to start...

The Soul's Expression
A site displaying my poetry and my soul


Readings that have given me insight and inspiration


The power it lends to words is immeaureable


Literary masterpieces and words to live by

Friends and Loved Ones

All those people who have stood by me through it all

On The Edge

The only way to live

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