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The Soul's Expression
The Soul

Life is full of many things--love, pain, friendship, hatred, trust, betrayal, distance, passion--yet all of these things merely haunt our souls if they are not expressed.

This page is dedicated to the soul and to the expression of thoughts, dreams, desires, emotions and passions that stir within it. The soul is one's true being; the self hidden beneath our mind, beneath our perceptions of the outside world. For me, expression through poetry, is one way to reach my soul, to find all that lies within. It is a journey too few pursue...but for those who do, the exploration itself is beyond fullfilling, and the destination holds promises we cannot even grasp.

So with those thoughts in mind, I leave you to explore the expressions of my own soul and those of others whom I admire. To those other writers out there searching for modes of expression, I would love to receive any of your work. I hope this site serves to inspire you, to spark your thoughts, to urge your creativity, and to give you a place to express yourself.

Shelly's Poems
  • dark and deep(the hidden recesses of one's soul)
  • solitude (explorations of this state of mind)
  • escape (stifling of the soul)
  • searching for answers (echoes that hold meaning)
  • the search for self (images of "I")
  • haiku (explorations for this writing form)
  • a wounded heart (yes, we have all been there)
  • moving on (once it's over it may not be easy but it's something we all face)
  • transitions (the times in life when the horizon isn't so distant)
  • a glance inside my mind (what a frightening thought)
  • confusion (when the answers seems elusive)
  • If... (the questions that give birth to further thought)
  • magnet poetry (playing with this form)
  • contradictions (things aren't always so clear)
  • isolation from love (when a heart tries to protect itself from pain)
  • internal battle (the emotions you can't control)
  • out of the darkness (stepping out of the shadows)
  • a heart exposed (opening up again to love)
  • echo of my heart (when the soul speaks)
  • some sweet ones (awwww...)

    Other Poems

    The Classics

    You've seen my soul now come meet me!

  • There are wandering souls out there.

    A Wandering Soul

    send me any of your poems, thoughts, prose
    I would love to hear from you!

    Before you leave, please sign my guest book and let me know who's been here and what you think.

    note: I hold the copyrights to all of my works displayed on this page. I would appreciate the respect off all persons acknowledging so. Please respect the rights of all of the writers whose work is posted herein.

    One last thing, I do not believe in poetic censorship. I believe poetry expresses one's soul and therefore, has a free range to do so. You may find works that contain sexual, profane, or offensive be forewarned.