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echo of my heart (when the soul speaks)

The Echo Of My Heart

          He is the echo of my heart
          The voice finally spoken clear
          For he's both the words I've wanted to say
          And the words I've longed to hear

          He's the breath of anticipation
          That tingling in my skin
          That surge of energy & emotion
          That stirring deep within

          He's the essence of complete rapture
          That undulates through my soul
          That pure and utter bliss
          When I willingly relinquish all control

          He's the moment of completion
          When my dreams are realized
          When I reach the pinnacle
          And it's even more than I surmised

          Of every piece of who I am
          He is an essential part
          I've found the words I needed
          He is the echo of my heart

By Shelly Claman