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Bush (black and white)


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Gavin on stage

Band members: Gavin Rossdale (Lead Singer & Guitarist), Nigel Pulsford (Guitarist), Dave Parsons (Bassist), Robin Goodridge (Drummer)

While I have always enjoyed Bush's music, it is only recently that I have come to think of them as more than just a passing phase in my life. Their songs have always rung through my head, but the way I listen to them has changed. The words penetrate my mind. I feel the poetic intensity behind the songs. (Just read some of the lyrics and you'll see what I mean.) While they have become a big part of the popular music scene, I feel they have something more lasting. So below are some of the lyrics and sounds that have made them on of my favorite bands; I hope you enjoy them as well.

Lyrics to my favorite songs

Everything Zen
Little Things
Cold Contagious


Everything Zen
Little Things

My favorite lines

"house is on fire. we're naked again. maybe all we need is water and friends"--from Swim
"And you say you want to change our minds, I've paid for you're belief with mine."--from Bomb
"I'd die in your arms, if you were dead too. Here comes a lie, we will always be true."--from Little Things
"taken me all this time to find out what i need...and i'm doing fine now. There is no blame only shame; when you beg you just complain..."--from Comedown
"i'm never alone...i'm alone all the time...are you the one? or do you lie?"--from Glycerine
"i couldn't change though i wanted to"--from Glycerine
"i needed you more--when we wanted us less...could not kiss just regress"--from Glycerine
"Do you feel the way you hate? Do you hate the way you feel?"--from Greedy Fly
"Maybe you sleep well in your head, But bring on the night--Let the cold moon burn instead"--from Distant Voices