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internal battle (the emotions you can't control)

Tempest of My Lost Emotions

          Tempest of my lost emotions
          Churning 'round without control
          Undeniable feelings
          Banished from my very soul

          For Love and Hatred held a battle
          Contained within my very breast
          Then joined Happiness and Anger
          To fight along with the rest

          Pain took sides, as did Elation
          Dueling 'gainst their respective foes
          Choas erupted in an instant
          When the warriors count arose

          For Emptiness, Desparation and Rage
          Took up their arms to join the fight
          The storm then more fierce became
          As Devotion, Loyalty and Trust unite

          Symptomatic of its nature
          Fear withdrew as if to hide
          In that same instant
          Humiliation drew swords with Pride

          Confusion reaked havoc in all directions
          It did not know which was its cause
          Then Distraught did its duty
          It would battle without pause

          I could not live with such fury
          With all I felt the storm increased
          You brought so much stirring within me
          The pressure builds, I begged for release

          Cast it off, just stop this feeling
          Vanquished this battle from within
          No longer Love, no longer Hate
          Just let Ambivalence settle in

By Shelly Claman